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「 Meera好食記| Tea Paring | Opera Cake |悉尼甜點師傅 」



巧克力加上cream cheese和beetroot sponge cake,巧妙地融合在一起,


This Opera Cake really brighten up my Monday. I pair it with @themellowtea Wild Ginger Lily Black Tea🤤😻!

The top is ganache made with valrhona chocolate from France,in between are Beetroots sponge cakes and sour cream cheese.

I am so glad the vibrant red color is made by beetroot,such healthy and thoughtful creations. @nigel.mak Thanks chef 👨🏻‍🍳,you’re the best!

We love it so much can’t stop having it for teatime with coffee and as dessert pair with tea after dinner.

Thanks for sharing this yummy dessert with me 🥰 @erikaannenagaoke

Really looking forward to have a nice Japanese fusion style patisserie cafe in Sydney❤️.

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