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About Us

Life coach & Tea Master

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The Workshop

Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, Oh!Money Wellbeing Consultation started the Kuala Lumpur's workshop in Oct 2013. Through carefully structured and designed one on one personalized classes or small group classes,

Oh! Money will guide you to discover your inner self.


We aim to coach you in the methods of discovering, connecting and staying connected to your inner self. Such methods include meditation, breathing and breathing exercises, dance and body movements, purifying and purging activities, etc.

Through this
, you will realize the potential of your own power, consciousness and innate abilities in achieving the ultimate happiness.


The Mellow Tea

【The Mellow Tea】 is founded by Meera, it consists of a collection of Meera’s hand-pickedloose leaf teas from some of the most prestigious traditional tea farms in the region of Taiwan.


The teas are selected not just for their flavour and aroma, but also the quality of production and their health benefits. Meera ensures that only teas that are produced using traditional natural farming method are used.


This is why specialty cafés in Malaysia and Australia have chosen her tea for the special in-house brews.

The Founder

Meera is a tea master with more than 20 years’ experience of tea appreciation, tea ceremonies and rituals. She has deep knowledge of tea cultures and has pioneered her own tea meditation program called “The Solo Tea Spa”.

Her passion for tea led her to the journey of meditation, self-reflection and discovery, thus becoming a successful life coach who advocates personal wellness and happiness.

Meera shares her tea and meditation experiences from time to time on radio program.

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The Story of Meera

Studied Chinese Language and Literature at National Chi Nan University.
In the same year, apart from leaving home to live and study abroad for the first time, Meera also experienced some of the most trying events in life: losing her beloved mother to cancer; and the passing of her grandfather who brought her up. The grief and shock from these life-changing events somehow compelled her to "rethink" and "reconstruct" what life is about.

Began her journey in body, mind and spirituality wellbeing. This process of exploring, learning and discovering open up her eyes to the core essence of life and the originality of happiness.Continued to study for her Postgraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature.

To answer the calling of returning to the simplicity of life and to practice a lifestyle that is more natural and sustainable, Meera joined a group of organic farmers in Taiwan and became involved herself in organic farming. Through the years she gained a wealth of knowledge of organic farming and the preservation/conservation of nature. This humbling experience of returning to nature taught her a lot about how to stay connected to nature and the importance of being grounded to the earth.

After years of being away, Meera finally moved back to Malaysia and started to share with family and friends her knowledge and experiences in mind and body wellbeing. Her biggest wish is to share with more people the benefits and enjoyments of mind and body wellbeing. It is this wish that has prompted her to establish the workshop and studio in Malaysia.

With the help and support from family and friends, Oh! Money Happiness Consultation and its workshop and studio are officially established in Malaysia.


Invited by Melody FM to be the guest of"Heard A Stories" program for sharing key to happiness.


Having a special column and started to write "Meera Hidden in the City" through


Completed the Aura-Soma Essentials Presenter Course after using the products more than 10 years, to provide professional support to learners. In the same year, in addition to the existing classic handpicked tea series, we did a rebranding and [ The Mellow Tea ] was born to serve the purpose of sharing tea with energy to the world. 


Became Australia Qualified Counsellor

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