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【 疗愈手作|趁满月🌕把收藏家定制的 Yoga Master纹身画好 |满满祝福的能量 】



为收藏家选了【#OM 】唵与 象征 【#力量】的Celtic Symbol ,



The artist side of me ….👩🏻‍🎨🔮

Art is a form of mindfulness practice 🧘🏻

Finally is in the zone to start Tattooing on Solar Plexus Yoga Master.💖

He is a custom order by my beloved dolly friend and will be a special gift 🎁 to her friend.

I choose the sign of Om and Celtic Symbol for Strength for Solar Plexus Yoga Master.

In the right moment of the Moon and Crystal Energy enhancing the tattoo with high vibrations energy and blessings .🔮🧿📿🪬💎

Thanks for trusting me 💖🙏🏼🪬🔮🪬

Solar Plexus Yoga Master is a art doll 💯%handmade by @majesty_doll_collection @meerahappiness at Sydney Australia

❤️Like & Follow ⬆️@majesty_doll_collection .

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