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Feeling blessed when your wounds come to surface

There is time one will ask themselves :

“Why am I not happy while I already have everything in my life?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Those are two most frequently asked questions by my clients before they come to me.

Most of them are successful in their line of business or expert in their field.

Sometimes people get confused with how a successful person will feel empty or stuck inside themselves.

Is actually a #signal in life to ask oneself face their inner #wounds which buried deep down themselves too long ago.Until the wounds can’t be recognized but still hurt and affect one mind or behavior when one energy is week.

Until when oneself is finally successful in life,only the wounds get a chance come to #surface asking for remedy or #cure .It’s actually a very blessing situation and timing,at that point one didn’t need to fight for living and try to heal themselves.Those two directions both need a lot of sources and energy.

So always be happy and feel #blessed when your inner self reveals to you trying to show you a way to heal and become #whole.

Seek out for help from the professional #healer or as I prefer to call myself a happiness coach.

Reach out,don’t wait too long or the wounds will be cover up again.The chance to #transform and be whole in body mind and soul will be miss.

by MeeraHappiness 幸福心靈

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